Friday, July 29, 2011

Gettin' down on Friday #9

[via me]

i saw her and it was like i didn't even know her

i saw her and she was a stranger, as if the passage of time had worn away everything familiar, comforting, attractive

i saw her and i felt nothing.

// canblaster - timemaster's chronicles (bambounou remix) [zippyshare]

Haven't heard a bassline like this in a minute - this song shifts from the typical Club Cheval sound to a grimy crunchy stepline, back to clicky 140 bass. Purrfect.

// ldfd - pinheiro [zippyshare]

Off the new LDFD release Outtacontrol, "Pinheiro" is a hood rich summer anthem, churning with haunted samples and a southern hemisphere vibe.

// dark sky - armour [zippyshare]

This speaks for itself. Like seriously.

// s-x - swag bitch swag [zippyshare]

Downloaded this blindly from a promoter hawking a release of 140 bpm rap instrumentals, and this one definitely stood out. With that ghetto 808 juxtaposed against a 2step bassline, it's just asking for an acapella in the club.