Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pickster - AZ Gunslingaz EP

[via generation bass]

I swear, there is no other genre like moombahton for free music. From David Heartbreak's series of free downloads, to Munchi's unbelievably sized oeuvre, there is just so much music (of both high and low quality, admittedly) being given away.

Pickster One falls into the former category, that of voluminous, high quality output. And today, the morning of the fifth Moombahton Massive party, he's given away another free EP, AZ Gunslingaz, available for free download. A collaboration with Melo, Mendez and other southwest stars, the EP definitely has a desert vibe to it, even including a rework of Ennio Morricone's classic Dollars theme.

All the songs are solid, but the standout track for me is the closer, "Pijama".