Friday, April 29, 2011

Gettin' down on Friday #1

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So, it's just another blog trying to insert itself into the tastemaker's club by rounding up some arbitrary tracks on a given day of the week?
And you're gonna put up some vaguely artsy photo that you found on tumblr?
Oh, cool.
// heartbreak - dance if u like [zippyshare]
This is from that side of moombahton that isn't all about dutch horns, but instead beautiful lady vocals, piano loops, and turntable scratches. You know?

// doctor jeep - yr mind (kat fyte remix) [soundcloud d/l]
I guess this sort of falls under that whole "future bass" umbrella, except this shit is MADE for the club. Like really. I don't know much about this Kat Fyte character, but I like what I hear. [via keepalbanyboring]

// roska - abrupt [soundcloud stream]
This is a sampler of the new Roska single due out on May 30th. The a-side "Error Code" doesn't do a whole hell of a lot for me, but scroll over to 0:59 where the b-side "Abrupt" takes over. I can't wait for this to come out in full:

// munchi - yazzer g tin air max [soundcloud stream]
WOW. Munchi is THE man. Dude spends like an eternity in the hospital, almost dies, but is still just pounding out banger after banger, in every genre from dutch house to dubstep to moombahton. This bizarrely titled club jam falls under what he calls "papiamento juke"...I like. PLEASE RELEASE THIS ALREADY THX:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

DjDrMr - Kings

DjDrMr, Zack to me, is young, talented, and based out of Binghamton, NY. He sometimes spins as part of Heady Pro, and of recent has been producing up a storm.

A particular favorite of mine has been this gem, "Kings", which you can download from the soundcloud player below. Perched between dubstep, future bass, and forward thinking house, this track insists on shifting, melding, and persevering against a rising calamity of synths, clicks and beeps. Super chill bro, srsly.
Kings by DjDrMr

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Everybody and anybody from NYC to Albany, take note - LDFD is coming up from Texas to rock New Paltz's world. He's got an interesting take on what I can only describe as "club" music, straddling the lines of juke, hip-hop, house and dubstep to great effect. He'll be at Cabaloosa's in New Paltz this Friday, April 29th. Also spinning will be DJs Far East, Scallywag, and Brother Suarez.

WHERE: Cabaloosa's, 58 Main St, New Paltz, NY
WHEN: Friday, April 29th @ 10PM
COST: $6

Grab a great LDFD tune below, and be sure to check out his winter mix - it's a few months old but worth the listen.

LDFD Winter Mix

LDFD - Twerk It (Right-click to download)


ldfd [sc]
brother suarez [sc]
far east [sc]
scallywag [sc]


It's been awhile, I'm tryna get back into this. Been fostering my academic side, nailin 4.0s n shit, but now I'm facing a pretty empty summer, full of music and possibility. Excitement.

Look out for some big acts and names coming to the Capital District of New York this summer. Until then, here's some delicious moombahton (and a wee bit of hip hop) served up yours truly. Tell yo kids, tell yo wife bitches.

waterpark by mr.kissner

1. adele - rollin in the deep (jamie xx shuffle)
2. lil majorette - london (marcus price)
3. malente vs azzido da ba$$ - hunting (tom piper & neki stranac mbton)
4. <3 break - dance if u want
5. nas, damian marley - count ur blessings
6. munchi - gracias
7. dillon francis, diplo - que que
8. tribe called quest - luck of lucien
9. munchi - esta noche
10. toddla t - take it back (dillon francis)
11. joan reyes, gerick - oye mira (kissner moombahton bootleg)
12. dillon francis - masta blasta
13. munchi - hope
14. los rakas - abrazame (uproot andy)
15. pitbull - amorosa