Friday, April 24, 2009

Lunar Node - Exploring Unknown Territory




Upon hearing Exploring Unknown Territory, the listener is immediately drawn out of their run or their bed or their sofa and into their surrounding environment: the cliched wind feathering the leaves, the sterile flouresence of an overhead bulb, the clock's insistent reminder that their chemistry lecture lies a mere forty minutes away. Too often, Lunar Node immerses one so deeply that the analysis and appreciation of their music becomes quite the challenge...(Read more at the Silent Ballet.)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some fun Dubstep Excitement

I'm going to try and get back into a regular posting schedule, things have just been a bit hectic lately.

Until then, here's some fun dubstep! First is a trippy video for Bassnectar's version of "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds", followed by a few other nice tracks.



Lullabyte - Mimosa
S p a c e b a s s - Boxcutter

Friday, April 03, 2009

Claro Intelecto - Warehouse Sessions


Modern Love Records


Many people complain that electronic music is rather boring. Armchair critics deride the form's diverse genres as being stereotypical "techno", the mindless homogeny only enjoyable to those lucky few on a roll or a trip. House, breakbeat, dubstep, trance - to the masses, there's no difference.

I believe those detractors to be dead wrong. Unfortunately, Claro Intelecto - the brainchild of producer Mark Stewart - doesn't do much to help my cause...(Read more at the Silent Ballet)