Friday, July 01, 2011

Gettin' down on Friday #7

[via quodlibetic on tumblr]

sorry i missed it again last week.

life happens. whatever that means. it's only sunny on your days off.

99 problems and a bitch is every one.

// star eyes - ride or die [zippyshare]

wherever i found this originally put it pretty well: this song is exclusively for the late nite tip, that bass is just too much when you're sober. get it.

// heavyfeet - are you dumb? (dre skull remix) [zippyshare]

it's been too long that this song's been out without a download available. here it is.

// dem 2 - she go down [zippyshare]

i posted about this the other day, and now it's out. enjoi.

// crookers & savage skulls - dr. gonzo anthem [zippyshare]

ditto this.

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