Sunday, November 16, 2008

Band of the Week: Definition

I'm thinking that Sunday should be the official day for "Band Of The Week", since the last couple weeks it's gotten delayed until today anyway....meh, whatevs. Enjoy!

band of the week #3: Definition (myspace,

Instrumental rap, electronica, entertaining - call it what you want, but Definition is one thing for sure, and that's extremely enjoyable. Based out of Tuscon, Arizona, Definition is the brainchild of Scott McGowan. He came out with an EP in late 2007 (In The Company Of Owls), and is expected to release a follow up full-length Sounds Anonymous sometime in the spring.

This isn't hardcore dance music - not at all - but it's chill enough to zone out to and yet captivating to the extent that you'd never want to.

For a good time, call Definition (or just add them on MySpace - after all, it's the twenty first century!)

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