Monday, November 17, 2008


Hello all, hope everyone had a nice weekend. Just a little bit of housekeeping and updates in this post, nothing special.

First off, I'm very excited to announce that I'm going to have another writer on board here at the lost art of found sound. He's a good friend of mine named Chris Sanders, and he's a very talented writer. He should be starting in early December, and look for a post every week or so.

And, as you may know, last week was the first edition of my roommate's and my radio show "The Insomniac Dance Party" on WCDB in Albany. I had posted a setlist along with a podcast, which, as you may have noticed, is no longer up. This wasn't my doing - I officially got my first DMCA notification, and the content was removed. I guess the upside of that is it means that enough people read my blog that The Powers That Be took notice. I will be posting this week's episode as a podcast, but if that gets taken down, then I'll just call it quits on that front.

Last, but not least, tomorrow is November 18th, which means Beyonce will officially become....Sasha Fierce. Can't. Fucking. Wait.

Hope everybody has a nice week, and stick around - there's exciting things a-happenin'.

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