Friday, November 14, 2008

The Slow Life - Be Not Afraid



The Slow Life compose sensible, emotional, generic post-rock. And like many other contemporary bands of the genre, most of this mediocrity is due not to a lack of musical talent, but to their succumbing to the temptation to incorporate stagnant, boring vocals...(Read more at The Silent Ballet)


  1. Where did your latest post go with the link to that radio show? i really liked it! please put it back up i want to listen! PLEASE!

  2. Hey Andy
    Cool blog! Check out mine. Also let me know if you want a special website extension, like mine.

  3. The Slow Life - Uncut Magazin March 2009

    Slow riders conjure a ghostly greatness.

    Well named (in that they make Low sound like The Ramones) The Slow Life are a haunting blend of the unconventional and the classically beautiful, perhaps a British answer to
    While hints of Talk Talk and The Blue Nile can
    be traced in the burbles and drones hovering ominously on the periphery, the hook is Darren Bancroft's sumptuous voice, drenched in melancholy. The quartet's control is impeccable,
    and on "Outlines" or "Home" they dovetail suspense and catharsis, equally adept with minimalism or grandiloquence.

    4 Stars