Friday, October 17, 2008

3 Month Anniversary Download Extravaganza!!!

[We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcasting...]

As of last Sunday (the 12th), this blog has been running for three months…hooray. I’d like to sincerely thank everybody who has commented or sent me e-mails – your feedback is invaluable. To celebrate this rather unremarkable occasion, I will make available full copies of my top 20 albums of the last 40 years (just don’t tell the RIAA!) Today, numbers 20-11 (taken from here).

20 best albums of the last 40 years (20-11)

20. This Station Is Non-Operational - At The Drive-In (Posthumous best-of collection for what was the prototypical post-hardcore band.)
19. Domestica - Cursive
18. Set Yourself On Fire - Stars (Best of 2004? Best of 2004.)
17. As The Roots Undo - Circle Takes The Square (One of the last true screamo bands left, at the top of their game.)
16. The Four Trees - Caspian(One of the defining releases in contemporary post-rock; Caspian’s peers have names like Godspeed! and Explosions.)
15. Translating the Name EP - Saosin (The only worthwhile Saosin record. Boo Cove Reber. Hooray Anthony Green/Beer!)
14. Hotel California - The Eagles
13. Brother, Sister - mewithoutYou (“I do not exist…”)
12. Lifted or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground - Bright Eyes
11. Between The Heart And The Synapse - The Receiving End of Sirens (Brilliant!, like Guinness.)
(You can find albums 10-1 here.)


  1. Thanks! I hadn't heard the Caspian album you mentioned. It's really good. I wrote a paper while listening to it, and it made me feel as if I was writing some fantastically profound document and not the mindless crap I actually was churning out.

  2. well thank you very much, and when it comes to writing papers, i definitely know the feeling.

    as soon as i can get these other albums uploaded, be sure to check out #'s 10-1!

  3. Hey, any chance you could re-upload caspian?


  5. oi! i'm desperately looking for as the roots undo, can you upload it again? thanks.