Friday, April 29, 2011

Gettin' down on Friday #1

[via assortedawesomeness on tumblr]

So, it's just another blog trying to insert itself into the tastemaker's club by rounding up some arbitrary tracks on a given day of the week?
And you're gonna put up some vaguely artsy photo that you found on tumblr?
Oh, cool.
// heartbreak - dance if u like [zippyshare]
This is from that side of moombahton that isn't all about dutch horns, but instead beautiful lady vocals, piano loops, and turntable scratches. You know?

// doctor jeep - yr mind (kat fyte remix) [soundcloud d/l]
I guess this sort of falls under that whole "future bass" umbrella, except this shit is MADE for the club. Like really. I don't know much about this Kat Fyte character, but I like what I hear. [via keepalbanyboring]

// roska - abrupt [soundcloud stream]
This is a sampler of the new Roska single due out on May 30th. The a-side "Error Code" doesn't do a whole hell of a lot for me, but scroll over to 0:59 where the b-side "Abrupt" takes over. I can't wait for this to come out in full:

// munchi - yazzer g tin air max [soundcloud stream]
WOW. Munchi is THE man. Dude spends like an eternity in the hospital, almost dies, but is still just pounding out banger after banger, in every genre from dutch house to dubstep to moombahton. This bizarrely titled club jam falls under what he calls "papiamento juke"...I like. PLEASE RELEASE THIS ALREADY THX:

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  1. disco kitty4/29/11, 3:44 PM

    one time Munchi told me my ass was on fire.