Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baby, you eat spaghetti?

Dispatches from around the internet, just in time for holiday funsgivings...

Regardless of whether you like his style, Carles over at Hipster Runoff has made an exhaustingly comphrehensive retrospective of the last decade in music. Dude has a lot of time on his hands, clearly.

And remember the biggest thing out of the Dominican Republic since "Pepe"? Como se dice, Watagatapitusberry, no?

Well, believe it or not, DJ Toy Selectah has a remix of it. Yes, this is serious:

Also, Nickelback is the top group of the decade? *NSYNC had the biggest album? WHAT??

Finally, just for shits, an old Animal Collective video, from their Feels days:


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