Monday, December 08, 2008

This Is My Suitcase to embark on tour?

If you're one of the other ten people who are in the know, yes, you read that right. My favorite unsigned act, This Is My Suitcase, is making plans to hit the road for the first time in their still young career, and I couldn't be more excited. On their blog, they've listed a shortlist of cities that they are interested in hitting. Luckily for me, both Florida and New York are included in the group of potential stops. Unfortunately, for all you guys out there running on Pacific or Mountain time, you're S.O.L. They're not going anywhere west of Louisiana, at least not for now.

Here's the catch though - they don't really know what's good in all the cities on the east coast, so if you live in or near one of the places below, be sure to hit them up with the downlow on the local scene, bands, venues, and the like. The best way to get in touch would probably be through MySpace.

Here's hoping they make it to Albany as planned.


1. Mansfield, Oh
2. Oberlin (or Kent), Oh
3. Soggy Dog (or tower in Cleveland?)
4. Ann Arbor, MI
5. Saginaw, MI (and Detroit maybe?)
6. Buffalo, Ny
7. Rochester, NY (or anything close)***
8. Syracuse, Ny (or anything close)***
9. Albany, Ny (or anything close)***
10. Burlington, Vermont
11. Concord, New Hampshire
12. Portland, ME, Portsmouth
13. Boston, Ma
14. Providence, RI
15. Hartford, Connecticut
16. New York City, Ny
17. East Brunswick, NJ
18. Allentown, PA
19. Philadelphia, PA
20. Baltimore, MD
21. Washington, D.C.
22. Richmond, VA
23. Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Greensboro
24. Charlotte, Columbia, Charleston
25. Athens, Ga
26. Savannah, Jacksonville (or anything close)****
27. St. Augustine, FLA
28. Gainesville, FLA
29. Orlando, Tallahasee, FLA
30. Pensacola, Fla
31. Mobile, Al (or anything close)***
32. New Orleans, LA
33. Houma, LA
34. Jackson, MISS (or anything close)***
35. Memphis, TN (or anything close)***
36. St. Louis, MO
37. Western Springs, Il
38. Chicago, Il
39. Rock Line, Il
38. Bloomington, IN (or Indianapolis)
39. Louisville, KY
40. Lexington, Ky
41. Cincinnati, OH
42. Athens, OH


  1. hey!

    someone referred me to your blog entry. thanks a TON for reppin' our tour plans to your readers. you rule.


  2. any time, you guys are the ones that fucking rule!

    keep making music, we'll keep listening.