Monday, December 08, 2008

Chris' Pick For Best Album of 2008

I hate it when I or someone else sings a song from the 90s, or as early as nine months ago, and 7/10 times there is always that one person nearby who says in a derogatory fashion, "That song is old!" Enter Girl Talk's 2008 album "Feed the Animals", which is an amalgamation of those "old" and new songs. The first 30 seconds of track one combines Roy Orbinson, UGK, Spencer Davis Group, and TTC. Towards the end he goes onto combine the strings from Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2 You" with Lil' Wayne's verse from "Stuntin Like My Daddy", founded on a solid drum beat. The album I feel is this year's best representation of our youth's future, as well as music's.

Most recently we elected a new president to office, one who happens to be bi-racial. 68, 882, 230 Americans voted for President-Elect Obama in the 2008 election. These Americans felt that it was the right time to create a new era within American history, to really let our nation live up to the acculturation, we constantly boast. Girl Talk is the prime example of acculturation within music, and general society. He's combining artists like Air, Jay-Z, Radiohead, and Rod Stewart to create coherent pieces of music which in turn is a metaphor for our world's intercultural bartering. Also, I'm sure you are all familiar with hipster culture, which is prevalent at most college campuses or art districts near you. This hispter culture has most recently procreated with hip-hop culture to produce artists like Amanda Blank, M.I.A., Santogold, The Cool Kids.

But does it sound good? Why, yes it does! The energy that is made from Girl Talk's music is strong enough to make any pidgeon-toed club-goer lean wit' it, then rock wit' it. For me the best way to judge anything, is to look at its true purpose. "Feed the Animals" purpose is to get you to play your part in shutting the club down! If God was benevolent enough to let you borrow his eyes on a Friday 20 minutes after my last class, you'd see me in my car driving with no hands dancing, making fellow drivers contemplate calling the police or follow me to the next red light to ask, "what's that song you're listening to?"

In the future our world will be akin to Girl Talk's "Feed the Animals." We will all have sampled.

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