Saturday, December 13, 2008

Band of the Week: Pinches Cuerpos

Beto Chapa, Thurston Moore and Magic Johnson play basketball on weekends. For serious.

band of the week #6: pinches cuerpos (official site,myspace)

Beto is a humble man. I called him in Texas about six months ago to talk to him about his band, Pinches Cuerpos. For almost twenty minutes we talked, mostly asking him questions about his music. He does everything himself, the writing, instrumentals, the legalities, and even the music video to his single, "Bossa, Espionaje y Amor", a personal favorite of mine. During the day he works and when he can, he creates his music. This humble demeanor of course has founds its way to his music. "PC does not fit into any one particular genre. Rather, it is intended to be exploratory in nature & a pure creative outlet."

Songs like "Naufrago Aburrido" off of his album entitled "Instrumentals"--which can be downloaded off his website--Beto effectively incorporates unorthodox sounds like beach waves, breathing, and what I think is a coke can being crumbled.

Beto sings on his album "Digital Lo-Fi", but he sings in Spanish. I regret not paying more attention in class.

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