Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Songs of the week: 11/4/08

Election day...woo. I'm so glad I moved from the swing state of Florida to good old blue New York, where neither candidate has inundated me with, well, much of anything. Regardless, I'm just excited to vote - I now have the right to bitch when things don't go my way!

Here's some fun music to help you celebrate your party's victory or, should your hopeful lose, to facilitate the dancing away of all your cares/worries/woes.


songs of the week #9

1. Planisphere (Final) - Justice
2. Purgatory School - The Van Allen Belt (Contender, alongside This Is My Suitcase for "Coolest Band You've Never Heard Of")
3. Supernaut - 1000 Homo DJs (I usually avoid all things Trent Reznor like the plague, but 1. This is a fun song and 2. It's debatable whether he's even on this vesion, so I think I'm in the clear)
4. Paranoid Android (Radiohead Cover) - El Ten Eleven (Say what you will, but I personally think this is a mad good cover)
5. Shore - Richard Skelton (Just in case you need to recover, this is a pretty chill track - a breather of sorts. If you've never heard of Richard Skelton before, you have to check him out, he's phenomenal! My review of his debut album should be up on The Silent Ballet come Friday)

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