Thursday, November 06, 2008

HOWTO: Soulja Boy Bird Walk Dance

Courtesy of my good friend Chris Sanders, it's an instructional video on how to do the "Bird Walk", the most arrhythmically obnoxious "dance" since last year's "Crank Dat".

This apparently came from an instructional DVD, which implies that somebody out there would be willing to shell out $14.95 just to be the coolest kid at their 8th grade dance. Oooooh awesome! But why bother spending all of your lunch money on a fancy DVD when you can just YouTube it?




  1. Soulja Boy is single-handely committing musical genocide, because all he can do is exploit the genre of the novelty song. This is the fourth time for Soulja Boy to have a dance accompany a song. Crank That Soulja Boy, Get Silly, the iDance, and now the Bird Walk Dance. His music is far below dismal in that, he is creatively motivated by his dances, and not his songs.

    Every single has an accompanying song. So, he is clearly aware his musical abilities are lacking so he creates a "value deal" of sorts. Its like going to the store and buying a "sci-fi channel movie" and getting Epic movie for free. Epic movie bases itself on pop culture which becomes irrelevant as time goes on. As time goes on people get tired of the dance, thus the song. I only hope people can get tired of Soulja Boy. I only hope.

    If you look up "One-trick Pony" in the dictionary, you get Soulja Boy.

  2. chris, can you seriously write for me?

    if not, fucking write for somebody, because you're about a ten on the eloquence scale.


  3. Thank-you for the compliment. This may come to a surprise but I planned on interning at the local Creative Loafing in the summer. My main goal is to become a lawyer. But along the way I hope to dabble in stand-up comedy, journalism, miscellaneous writing. Creative and healthy ventures which would only boost my talents and help me learn more about the world.

    I'm glad you asked if I'd write for you, because I totally will! Send me your AIM screen (that is if you have one) and we'll talk more about this creative expedition. Have a good weekend, bro!

  4. word, that'd be awesome.

    my screenname is lakerdonald, hit me up sometime.

    peace, and have a nice weekend too