Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Songs of the week: 10/7/08

It's already starting to get cold - this is all happening so soon! But winter means a new wardrobe, so I guess there's a plus to everything. Not a ton of new music, but whatevs, I can deal.

songs of the week #7
1. A Thread Cut With A Carving Knife - Stars (A standout track from Stars' new EP)
2. Distant Street Lights - Codes In The Clouds (Electronica #1)
3. Kitsch - Rival Consoles (Electronica #2)
4. Me And You - This Is My Suitcase (Questionable grammar aside, you just might O.D. on cuteness from this little ditty)
5. Where Have You Been? - Annuals (A quirky cover of a superlative Manchester Orchestra song)


  1. Very nice, thanks

  2. re: Codes in the Clouds - Distant Street Lights ... this isn't an electronic track =S

    post rock!

  3. i think it's somewhere in the middle, but just since every other track on the compilation was electronica, i was more inclined to lean towards electronic...whatevs, it's damn good either way.