Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jonathan Davis - Got Money?

So, there's this band that I do not particularly like called Korn. Perhaps you've heard of them? Well, apparently Jonathan Davis (their frontman) wasn't content with just ruining rock for the rest of us - he had to ruin American Apparel's favorite rapper for all of us too with an atrocious cover of Lil Wayne's "Got Money".

No, that is not a joke. I only have one question: why was I not informed sooner?

This has got to be the most fucking ridiculous thing I have heard or even conceived of in my life. It even sounds like Davis tries to distort his voice to sound like his 20-something black Adonis idol - hey, he's got the dreads already, all's he needs is one of them reverse-Michael Jackson surgeries! The only redeeming quality of this song is hearing Davis wheeze (and I don't mean to endear him with one of Wayne's nicknames) Young J.D. on them hoes / aka mister make it rain on them hoes with what I can only conclude is a straight face.

New low? New low. (Just in case you really want to hear this abomination and the Flash app below doesn't work, you can download it the old fashion way here.)


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