Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Songs of the week: 9/2/08

Yay for Labor Day weekend, yay for daytrips to New York City, yay for me being a lazy ass who can't find time to complete a proper review, yay for weekly features with songs you've probably already heard.

Oh well.

songs of the week #2
1. A Lack Of Color - Death Cab For Cutie (Ben Gibbard's dejected resignation to "slur a plea for you to come home" remains for me the highlight of Death Cab's seminal work, Transatlanticism.)
2. Clinical Features Of Rock Trauma - From Monument To Masses (Balls out political post-rock fury from FMTM's less known self-titled release.)
3. Smile, You've Won - Lydia (I like Lydia. I don't like that they came to my town within a week of me leaving for Albany. Do you like Lydia?)
4. Carly - The Capes (Before this British outfit broke up last year, they made manic pop music that induced urges to dance like a crazy person. Exhibit 1: anecdotes of a used-up model way past her prime.)
5. The Lawless Days Of Drinking Whisky In 10th Grade - Volta Do Mar

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