Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cansei De Ser Sexy - Donkey

Sub Pop
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I'm grasping at straws.

"Oh boy! Another metareview about writer's block. How creative - it's only been, what, 5 weeks?"

Broken Social Scene's 2002 release You Forgot It In People is an indie rock milestone. This Toronto collective has fina---

"That's Broken Social Scene, BSS. You're reviewing Cansei de Ser Sexy, CSS. Get it straight!"

How boring. There are so many more interesting things to write about: college, love, hate, war, revolution, Brazillian electroclash, and fatigue from sexiness.


Donkey is such an unattractive name for an album. I don't get it. Ass? Jackass? Asshole? Anal bum covers? Darryl Hammond is a God. They say that when you get writer's block you should just keep writing and writing and writing...

"...and trim the fat..."

...until it sticks. Maybe I should put on the record too, that might help. That tells you something big right off the bat: I'm not inclined enough to listen to Donkey, even just to review it, without having to force myself. I don't like new CSS. I don't like new CSS. They're tired of being sexy, I'm tired of CSS.

"That's specific."

I don't do this sort of music I guess. I dug their debut, I don't dig this one.

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