Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Some mixes....

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I don't know about you guys, but one of the most common crises into which I find myself thrust is the proposition of a long flight/car ride/lecture center class, without any new mixes to listen to. As a DJ, of course I love the individual tracks, and becoming familiar with their ins and outs and ebbs and flows is vital to performing a good set.

But there's nothing like a mix...So I've taken it upon myself to catalog here some of the better ones I've found of late, so that you never have to wonder how to pass the time ever again. How charitable, I know!!

I'll compile some more of these as I find them, until then enjoi.

// dj sabo - moombahton massive mix [s/c download]

First up is some truly essential listening for anybody who likes their beats slow and their bass really big, via remezcla musica. Its tracklist is a whirlwind that has something for everybody, and the mixing is superb. Now that the sun has been peaking its head out, I highly suggest blasting this, windows down, moonroof optional. You won't be sorry.

// clicks and whistles - percussion lab mix 5/11 [right click]

Dub. But not the brostep kind. Trust me you'll like, via percussion lab.

// zed bias - biasonic mixtape [s/c download]

This one's a bit older, coming out very late last summer. But it's such a good variety of everything that could be labelled UK bass music. It's a short mix, clocking in at under a half-an-hour, perfect for your morning subway ride:

// mele - fact mix 233 [factmag]

An hour's worth of grime, 2-step, drum-n-bass, and forward thinking house, I'm confident that Mele will bring something for everybody to the table with this one. You might not want to play this when other people are in the car (unless they happen to be fans of Wiley's voice), but if you have an open mind and an appreciation for the low-end I don't think you'll be disappointed. Big ups to fact magazine for a truly awesome series of podcasts/mixtapes.

// uproot andy - xlr8r podcast [xlr8r]

Another solid entry in the annals of the xlr8r series, this one requires an appreciation of the latin side of things...but come on, who doesn't like some south-of-the-border from time 2 time?

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