Monday, May 02, 2011

Pickster & Melo - Arizonaton

[via moombahton on tumblr]

Alright, so I know that the album art looks like the shitty backgrounds on "Deep Sexy Electro" YouTube channels, moombahton inventor @davenada tweeted about this and put it on his tumblr today, so I figured it was worth a look.

Another reason why you should never judge a book by its cover. I've never heard of either Pickster nor Melo, but this whole EP is on fire, running the gamut from the soulful territory reminiscent of David Heartbreak to the most maximal moombahton this side of "Pero Que Lo Que Mujer". It's almost impossible for me to pick a favorite track, but in a pinch I'd say stick with the laid-back latin beauty of "Es Dificil" or the balls-out Caribbean burner "Waistline". Stream both below, or download the whole album for free.

DJ Melo - Es Dificil by azdjmelo

Pickster One - Waistline by PicksterOne

// Pickster & Melo - Arizonaton EP [right-click]

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