Monday, July 27, 2009

Another manic Monday

Not much today, just a killer Radioclit remix and a random mix that I got sent over the weekend from a British DJ called Jackamo. They're both pretty fun electrohouse, and the mix takes a minute or two to pick up, but once it does, it's definitely worth it.

Divine Gosa (Switch Remix) - Radioclit (As heard in a couple of Boys Noize sets this summer)

Boom Selection Vol. 3 Mix - Jackamo

1. Bring Me Down (Stanton Warriors Mix) - Zac Tomms
2. Tonights Today (TLGB Remix) - Jack Penate
3. Bullet Proof (Tepr Remix) - La Roux
4. Dirt (The C90s Remix) - Headman
5. Confusion Girl (Crimes Against Disco Remix) - Frank Music
6. Para De Grahcina (Sticky K Remix) - Crookers
7. Televizion Rules The Nation (Dirty Disco Youth Remix) - Daft Punk
8. Closer - Lee Mortimer
9. The Reeling (Shuttle S Super Club Mega Mix) - Passion Pit
10. Ghost Girl (Blatta & Inesha Remix) - Telepopmusik
11. The Line (Loop Da Loops Downtown Dub) - Lisa Stansfield
12. Hard Times (Jack Beats Remix) - Patrick Wolf
13. Spend the Night (Kitch n' Sync Remix) - Danny J. Lewis
14. Dirty Bass (Original Mix) - Jackamo
15. Losing My Mind (Edu K's Electric Kool Aid Mix) - Koochie
16. Funky Lover - Mini K
17. Roqology - ??
18. Y'All Want Mo (Sinden Remix) - Detboi
19. Put The Needle On The Record - Parabeats
20. Hands Up - Yacek

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