Thursday, June 11, 2009

Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles Interview

So, uh remember Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles? You know? That one band? Released the best album of 2008? Ringing any bells? No? Come onnn!

Well, regardless, there is an interview with them over on a somewhat mysterious website called "Five Questions" that might be of interest to all you fans of obscure, up-and-coming post-rock.

Nothing really revealing in the interview though: no news of the album that they've been working on, no new tracks - just a little bit of insight into the thought process behind their work thus far. Either way, enjoy.


  1. five-questions6/11/09, 3:09 PM

    hah, someone found my little hobby :)

  2. five-questions6/13/09, 2:28 AM

    The link changed by the way: