Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Songs of the week: 3/4/09

Welcome to another late late late edition of "Songs of the Week"! I'm just running behind on life in general right now - a few days past deadline on a review of Crippled Black Phoenix for the Silent Ballet, as well as working on reviews of new albums from Morrissey and The Prodigy.

So bear with me, and enjoy some rad tunage.

songs of the week #23

1. 1000 Cigarettes - MSTRKRFT
2. Rise Up And Fight - Crippled Black Phoenix (Great driving music here)
3. Can I Kick It? - A Tribe Called Quest (Yes, you can!)
4. Shine Shine - Boys Noize (I can't wait to see him in a little over 2 weeks)
5. The Garden - Cut Chemist (Trippy)

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