Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Erin McCarley - Love, Save The Empty


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From Erin McCarley's Official Site: "McCarley’s brand of honesty doesn’t come without the occasional flash of regret. “I’ve looked back at some of these songs recently and thought to myself, ‘Are you serious? I can’t believe I put that out there!"

Erin McCarley got her start doing music on weekends, covering country music during her undergraduate days. Now at 30 years, she has released a debut album that has a pop-rock methodology. This pop-rock methodology is used to perpetuate an over-sentimental and sadly, a mediocre piece of music. Her first track Pony (It's OK) isn't all that bad, it reminds me of Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Mile. With its repetitious piano chant and catchy "ladadadadadadadada" hook, it will surely be featured in an Anne Hathaway movie about New York City, relationships, and finding yourself, while wearing $345.00 pair of high-heeled Tod's.

As I listen to her album, I couldn't help but compare McCarly's performance to Weezer's River Cuomos. "Blue Suit" and much of her album features the kind of angst evident when one is in the throes of a relationship. "Oh, wise one/If you knew the answer why'd you ask the question? /Oh, wise one /If you're such a someone/Why do you give nothing to anyone." Yes, there is sadness, but her eloquence as a songwriter is clearly in its infancy. The Washington Times went as far as listing her as their "4 to watch out for" and recommended her to Sheryl Crow fans. Four minutes, I think is what they meant. I also find that insulting to Sheryl Crow fans because the Sheryl Crow I know, has a commanding voice in her music, which is far from "droning".

After listening to the album several times, I found that McCarley's voice meta-morphs into a droning, that sounds like that of a UVA Cypher. In the words of MADtv alumni Keegan Michael Key, Cuomos and Crow, "take it to a ho' nudda' levool! McCarley's debut album misses the mark.

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  1. This was good, Chris. You use a lot of details and you put up a decent argument with proof about why you don't think the album is good.

    I'd like to make it noted that there is no such thing as "regret" within art. So suck it Erin McCarley.