Sunday, January 11, 2009

Band of the Week: Allison Weiss

I told my sister Christian, "That the time has come. You don't listen to Allison Weiss? Don't worry you're not the only one, okay? Last night I was listening to her through my neighbor's door, then his young boys turned on their PS2. Its true!


band of the week #9: Allison Weiss (Official Site)(Myspace)

The guitar is one of music's most popular weapons when embarking on overt musical missions. A favorite of funnyman John Mayer, Canadian indie singers Tegan and Sara, and El Mariachi, who uses his guitar in such a skillful manner that he killed a wanton Mexican General on two occasions. I must not also forget that he used it to serenade the always sexy Selma Hayak, on two occasions as well. Selma Hayak! One two occasions! With a guitar!

Allison Weiss has a similar ability, with the ears of young men and women. Her music is playful, but not sugar coated. Sincere, yet not over-sentimental. Good, and not bad. Her song "Let Me Go" displays a simple sweetness in music, that many yearn for yet don't find. Well you've found Allison Weiss--enjoy!


  1. woo chris, you saved my ass on this one! thanks, and nice find

  2. Your welcome, and thank-you. I was just doing my job!

  3. Pretty good, dude. Though you should write longer, throw in more information about the artist, as I see it most of this one in particular is filled with your humor including your continued use of constant comparisons to other cultural figures. While your humor is good, you over use it sometimes, such in this case. Instead of three paragraphs (One an odd story you recount of how you heard the music, the next filled with your comparisons and jokes and the last a 5-second-read telling your audience why she's good without much information at all. Why is her music sincere? Why is she "Good, and not bad."? What album should your audience check out first? Where did she come from? Where is she going? I WANT TO KNOW MORE... but your article doesn't compile it for me, not even a taste, Chris. You're getting there, but sometimes a short couple of blurbs wont cut it, you need to expand and make the article something people clammer for.

    - Nudi

  4. well i guess you absolutely hate my write-ups, i often tell nothing of the band.

    good points, but it's a matter of style.

  5. Love Love Love Weiss.

  6. It is a matter of style, but I'm just giving Chris some constructive criticism. I mean, you have to have a hook to bring in the reader and make them want to listen to it, or else what's the point.

  7. I see where Thomas is going with his constructive criticismpoint. I see the Artist of the week as the shortest way to recommend someone an artist. If you are on the street and casually start a conversation with a stranger about music, most likely any recommendations about an artist will be short and concise. There is no time to for elongated critical analysis on the artist's work. Its more, "this is why I listen/recommend, her/him" and not "these are my following contentions." I feel elaborate use of humor, adjectives, and metaphors are key when writing the artist of the week.

    But music reviews I feel should involve critical analysis that must be taken seriously (college paper). I highly appreciate your opinion because my goal here is to not just have fun, help out Andy, but to also learn and grow.


  8. I'm also glad to have read that someone loved the artist I recommended. It feels good.

  9. Oh, and Andy I think you're doing fine. Keep up the good work bro!

  10. LOVE weiss!!!
    love love love her.
    maybe you guys will enjoy my tunes as well?

    sure hope sO!