Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some more songs from The Van Allen Belt

Last night, as I checked my e-mail in a dilatory motion to put off studying for my Orgo final by another 30 seconds, I was greeted by a very nice surprise - several unsolicited e-mails chock full of music. Who bestowed this gift upon me, you may wonder? Why, none other than The Van Allen Belt, of course!

I've already written a post raving about them, so I guess I'll skip that part (in short: they rull good). The two songs that they sent me were a bit different than the others I had heard, as these were entirely instrumental. Seeing that I write for a post-rock webzine, they were naturally right up my alley.

The atmosphere on both songs is very laid back and "chill" (a word many like to throw around about every band that's less intense than, say, Slayer), only a few degrees of separation from retro lounge. Think the bumper music from The Brady Bunch, only more interesting. I'm probably not doing a good job selling this, so I'll quit while I'm ahead (behind?).

Either way, enjoy.


Green As Valleys Go - The Van Allen Belt
Thistledown - The Van Allen Belt

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