Friday, November 21, 2008

We Are Scientists - SUNY Albany Acoustic Set, 11/14/08

Last Friday, We Are Scientists stopped at my university, SUNY Albany, to play a free acoustic set in our campus center. The show was sponsored by WCDB, and I must admit, was a pretty enjoyable way to spend an hour or so.

I hadn't been intimately familiar with We Are Scientists' work before the show, having only really heard "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt" and "After Hours", but I went in with a fairly open mind. And from my limited experience with the band, I'd have to say that their sound made a very nice transition to the acoustic format. The band was energetic and lively, and the banter between vocalist Keith Murray and bassist Chris Cain was mildly amusing.

I didn't think to write down the setlist, but I know that both "After Hours" and "Nobody Move" were featured. The whole thing was pretty last minute and spur of the moment, but given as such, was quite successful.

Here's a pretty good quality video of (part of) the set that I found on YouTube. Enjoy!



  1. Man, that sounds fucking great with the steel guitar. If they were to re-release their first album all acoustic with the steel guitar, I'd re buy it. Gave me a bit of a Wilco feeling.

  2. i totally feel you on that one

  3. lol, awesome. I'm the one who posted this video. I love finding my stuff at other websites.

  4. i tried to post a comment on the youtube, but the site was being gay.

    thanks for getting the vid on this one =)

  5. yup, almost didnt but my girlfriend brought her camera. The quality would have been even better if I had brought mine. O well lol