Sunday, November 23, 2008

Band of the week: Coma

I like post-rock. Do you like post-rock? Here's some post-rock.

band of the week #4: coma (myspace, download ep)

Questionable English aside, Malaysian band Coma have a fairly impressive MySpace page. There are no fancy graphics, no distracting layouts, just black text on a backdrop of white. Oh, and two rather beastly instrumental tracks. Coming out of left field, and with just an EP to their name, Coma is one of many bands these days rejecting the new trend of vocal-laden post-rock, and instead throwing back to the days of slow-build/furious release circa 2001. I think that they themselves say it best:
we are coma, there are two meaning of coma, 1st were a full stop, and 2nd were a deep sleep. we love to share our feeling through our music, we believe that words can only mean a certain meaning at certain times. so the greatest way to share our thought and emotion with our music. we are trying to soundtrack the horror of the world event and peoples lives event.
Good times. So check them out, download their EP, and most of all, enjoy!

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