Saturday, November 08, 2008

Band of the week: Attention Thieves

Sorry this week's installment was a few days late, but i'm still trying to figure out which day is optimal for posting this feature. I've also been hella busy reviewing (mostly) mediocre albums for that other website, so my time's been quite in demand.

Better late than never, though.

band of the week #2: attention thieves (myspace)

This week's band comes at you from across the pond: Attention Thieves are a currently unsigned indie (redundancy alert!) from the UK that make catchy alternative rock music. How generic sounding. My bad.

They're really fun though, trust me. There's intricate guitar work, charmingly British vocals, and a steady rhythm section that can induce toe-tapping in the most conservative of voters.

Plus, they just posted a new song yesterday! So give them a listen, before they get scooped up by some major label, that way you can say you knew them when.


  1. ohh i like me some UK rock. i shall give them an ear... and if i like then i shall give them two.

  2. but you only have two to give!