Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Songs of the week: 9/9/08

I feel like ass, but I discovered/rediscovered some mad cool music, so it's okay.

P.S. How did it suddenly become September?

songs of the week #3
1. You Are My Sunshine - Kevin Devine (This is one of a handful of songs that induced the cliched "shiver down my spine" the first time I heard it - to be trite, it's a heartbreaking delivery of an old standard)
2. Holy Hot Flash Batman! - Loose Lips Sink Ships
3. Fok - Olafur Arnalds
4. Is And Of The - K.C. Accidental (K.C. Accidental, Kevin Drew's pre-Broken Social Scene band, is crazy post-rock jazz fun. You'll like it)
5. Burning Down The Nicotine Armoire Pt. 2 - Dance Gavin Dance (The best track off of DGD's largely disappointing self-titled effort)


  1. Seems to be quite interesting, though I have no time to poke around to get familiar.
    What style/top artists do you review? Has it something related with psy/ambient/chill?

  2. i review/listen to a lot of instrumental music, as well as fruity indie pop. but yeah, ambient music is a like of mine.