Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Songs of the week: 9/16/08

I feel much better this week, and now I get to play that fun little game called catch-up that comes along with the whole "missing class"...thing. Whatever. Here's hoping you had a nice weekend, I did.

songs of the week #4
1. Things Done Changed - The Notorious B.I.G. (Breast cancer, cookouts, and niggas getting "took out" - things done changed)
2. The Shape Of Punk That Never Came - United Nations (Grindcore? Yeah...grindcore)
3. 'Round Midnight - Art Blakey & The Giants Of Jazz (Clark Terry, Art Blakey and Thelonious Monk on one stage? No fucking way)
4. Second Chance - Liam Finn (Yay pop)
5. The Quiet Screaming - The Legion Of Doom (Mash-ups are pretty old meme, I guess, but this face-off between Dashboard Confessional's "Screaming Infidelities" and "The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows" by Brand New still brings a smile to my face)

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