Friday, August 08, 2008

Waiting Room - La Estulticia del Cognicidio

Trastienda Records


I load La Estulticia del Cognicidio, Waiting Room’s latest album, into my iTunes playlist, and about a minute into the opening track Tites Tites, I am struck by three things:
  1. Boy, are these drums full and rich! Kudos to whoever mixed this album!
  2. Heh, this song’s title looks a lot like “Titties, Titties”
  3. Waiting Room sounds a whole hell of a lot like Indian Summer.
Unfortunately, the drums are ultimately washed out by a tidal wave of guitar distortion, and the humor of breasts almost being in the title quickly wears thin. But that whole Indian Summer…thing, well, I think I might be onto something there...
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